Want some effective skincare with a side of amazing feminist community? We’ve got you covered.

Hi, I'm Adeline, and I'm the founder of Sabbatical Beauty. If you've ever been:

- frustrated that most skin care products don't work for you;
- annoyed that you're paying so much for things that don't make your skin better;
- irritated that there is always a "purging period" where you keep having to use an expensive product for months before you see any difference;
- annoyed that people see your beauty routine as frivolous
- want to spend more time taking care of yourself so you can take better care of others,

I created Sabbatical Beauty just for you. Originally trained as a humanities professor, I began dabbling in skin care and ingredient research and learned to make my own products for two reasons: 1) I needed an activity to take time out of my day to care for myself, and 2) because I was frustrated with existing beauty products on the market. Many generic products loudly proclaim their "active" ingredients on their packaging, but these actives only make up a tiny percentage of ingredients. So I decided to make my own and pump up on those active ingredients. 

After seeing the results on my skin (which always used to be red, dry and acne-prone no matter what I used), my friends demanded that I start making products for them as well. Once I did, they resoundingly declared that the products worked wonderfully on them as well: diminishing redness, helping acne, filling in fine lines and wrinkles. They then encouraged me (aka. "demanded") that I start Sabbatical Beauty selling these products, so they could introduce them to their loved ones. 

Sabbatical Beauty is founded with a political, intersectional feminist vision. We don't see beauty as a frivolous form of self-care, but a way of caring for ourselves, which allows us to better care for the people around us. We practice that in our Sabbatical Beauty Facebook Group, one of the most supportive online communities we have ever experienced.Everyone who works for Sabbatical Beauty is paid a minimum of a living wage. When you shop from Sabbatical Beauty, you support the vision of this feminist mission of self-care and community support.

We started the Sabbatical Beauty box to reward our most dedicated supporters to get to try all our products at a big discount. Subscribers also get a 20% coupon of all products for the following month, so they can buy full sizes if they like the samples they received. Our Sub Box is the best introduction--and way to feed your Sabbatical Beauty addiction!