Do You Want To Look Like A Dewy, Luminous  Goddess, Instead of Enduring Red, Tight, Scaly Skin This Winter?

I get it. Boy, do I ever get it. 

See, I was not born in a temperate climate. I grew up in sunny, tropical Singapore and grew up in perpetual summer and high humidity. So when I first arrived in the United States for graduate school, I landed in snowy Michigan in January. I had never seen so much snow in my life, and had no idea how to deal with winter weather. Let alone winter skin. 

I had grown up assuming that I'd had oily skin, but everything dried out very quickly the moment I started living in the North. My once oily skin became dry, leathery and scaly, and my rosacea worsened. Desperate, I went to a dermatologist, who declared me allergic to all moisturizers and forbade me to wear any. So, I endured exceedingly dry skin every winter, with deepening wrinkles and increased acne (the irony!) each year. 

Things started getting better when I discovered Korean Skin Care and the concept of layering your skincare. The light gentle layers, focusing on hydrating your skin rather than drying it out, improved my skin a lot. But things didn't fundamentally change for my skin until I created Sabbatical Beauty--because I create products which fundamentally change your skin through giving it the nutrition it needs to heal and nurture itself, rather than covering up problems with a superficial injection of moisture. 

Do You Know Why Most Skincare Need To Constantly Be Reapplied?

They do, because most products just address the superficial issue that your skin is presenting. In winter, your skin is dry, so you're presented with cheap ingredients that add hydration to your skin, but not the actual good stuff needed that actually allows your skin to create more hydration for itself.

Instead, through high conentrations of botanical extracts and other active ingredients, my products give your skin the NUTRITION it needs to heal itself. This means that as you use your products you'll find that you need to use less and less each time to maintain the same effects. Your skin feels NURTURED, rather than being dependent on an external force for moisture.

So this winter I've put together a comprehensive arsenal for you to achieve the best, glowiest skin ever.

This set


I know what it's like. I used to be there every winter for over a decade. Skin tightness. Red, inflamed skin. Dry scaly patches. Feeling itchy because it's so tight. Increased acne and wrinkles because you're feeling so dehydrated. And desperate. Having to keep reapplying lotion but everything does not work. 

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